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A Test Automation Tool can play a big role in deciding success as well as effectiveness of Test Automation. Based on the growth in the device and browser matrix, it is not recommended to build test automation framework around a single tool; however, many organizations still continue to do so. It becomes even more important to choose right tool for your automation when test automation solution is built around a specific tool. A Test Automation tool along with its associated components are primarily responsible for communicating with Application Under Test (AUT) and for passing the instructions of test automation scripts to AUT interface (UI or API) and get responses from the AUT interfaces. The tool is also responsible for verification of the AUT responses against expected results, logging of results and report generation. Other than these basic responsibilities, the ... (more)

IoT Trends in 2016 and Beyond | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #InternetOfThings

Over the past couple of years IoT has become the most hyped word around the world, and rightly so because we all know IoT is here to stay. So what is IoT? IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It refers to the devices that are connected through the internet. The basic concept is connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet, devices such as cell phones, wearable devices, coffee machines, connected homes even your refrigerator and all those things you can think of. We have collected a list of factors that will demonstrate how rapidly this sector is growing, and... (more)

Top 5 Ways to Measure Test Coverage

I am working on a backup software lately which works on different platforms. Testing involves different Hypervisors, Oss, Storage types and hardware. Looking at this scope I always wonder, how do I measure the test coverage? It is a challenge for testers like us to measure a test coverage on different aspects. Test coverage ideally measures the amount of testing performed by a set of tests. It will include gathering information about which parts of a program are actually executed when running the test suite in order to determine which branches of conditional statements have been t... (more)

The Top Devices To Test For Your Android App

Mobile technology and smart devices are the trend now and are change the future of the world. Testing mobile applications is different and more complex than testing traditional desktop and web applications. Mobile applications need to be tested on a variety of software platforms and versions, on diverse hardware and under different network connectivity conditions. An effective mobile application testing strategy is essential for getting your applications to market on time and within budget. One of the major key element to consider for effectively testing applications are Target ... (more)

Ten Internet of Things (IoT) Influencers to Follow on Twitter | @ThingsExpo #IoT

There are number of IoT services and products that come up every day, it becomes difficult to keep up with them. In order to match up the pace with this ever-evolving market, businesses owners should keep themselves updated about the IoT space. We have created a list of IoT influencers you can track to get your daily dose of updates.   1. Internet of Things Twitter Handle - @theiot You will find the most comprehensive & up to date #IoT news, by JamesChevalier . 2. Chris Anderson Twitter Handle - @chr1sa Chris is the CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones. From 2001 through ... (more)